Funeral Services for your departed dear ones

All of us must give up our mortal coil at some point in time and without any worry about the funeral processes. We, at Faith Funeral Services, cater to the needs of funeral services and have a formidable presence at Paragould and Jonesboro. Our competitive rates and punctilious performance have ended up putting us at the pinnacle of the funeral services business.

Founded in 2006, our steady aim is to provide quality funeral services at rates that are stunningly below the National Average. The way we operate is what sets us apart, by reaching out to you with various facilities we offer, we help you out in arranging the funeral services of your kith and kin as per your wishes. Committed to the welfare of your family and maintaining the importance of religious values, we care to meet the case for our customers, thereby making us an A One in funeral homes.

Besides cremation, we also provide burial and cremation for your pets. There is a choice of providing urns for your pet, too. Your funeral can be pre-arranged. Customization of every aspect of a funeral is our commitment. If there is no visitation, viewing or funeral service beforehand, we term it a direct cremation. The corpse is collected from the place of death, taken to the crematory and proper care is ensured during the entire process till the collection and handing over of the ashes, which are delivered in plastic pouches kept in a container; and can be collected at our funeral home. All the service paperwork is done at no extra cost. The obituary is also your option and can be done without if you do not require one. The paperwork for direct cremation gets done at either your home or on our premises. We do charge a bit extra for getting us to your home above 75 miles of Manila, Arkansas. So, it goes without saying that if you are unable to reach us, we can reach out to your home.

The state law mandates the waiting over 24 hours after the time of death for the signed certificate from the authority that pronounced the death, and a signed submission of willingness to cremate the body, from immediate legal next of kin. Exquisite urns that house the body can be purchased or you can do it according to your own liking. For certain cases, the urns are not required since the body is buried. Charges for placing an obituary in the newspaper is only the amount charged by the newspaper, we do not charge anything extra. Based on the state you live in, there are fees for the death certificates and additional certificates, that you would need to pay.

Souvenirs to pay rich tributes to the deceased can be availed, by way of Memorial Services. These could be done just any time, like photographs, songs and the like. Viewing Service for the body is available. Direct cremation, embalming, staff and vehicles are all-inclusive in our charges for the funeral. We offer other products like mementos in the forms of lockets etc., which contain the ashes collected from the cremation., for nominal charges. Once in a lifetime events that ring in your ears are marriage and death, and having said that, when one shuffles off this mortal coil, the occasion must be one that is befittingly cherished. Cremation is the last token of our love for our beloved ones, and it is one’s responsibility of providing the best for the ones who have left for their eternal peace. We do promise, but only what we deliver. The cost aspect is inevitable in just anything one does., but it can be brought down to the bare minimum.

Our website at https://www.faithfuneralservice.net/ gives you a clear conception of what the rates would look like. The list is very comprehensive and is expected to thoroughly cover the whole of our business with you.

If you need any further clarification you may feel free to contact us at faithfuneralservice@live.com or call us at (870)-561-1197, or  (833)-801-0246, or (870)-776-7336.

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